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COG LCD Module, COG LCD Display

TSD provide a full line of Graphic COG LCD modules and Monochrome COG LCD Display  with and without backlight. TSD can provide the solution with RGB backlight for all range of COG LCD Display. 

TSD is offer highly competitive prices and different solution options.

  Display mode Part Number Outline mm Driver IC Interface Remark
Chracter Type 1202 TSG1202A-F-A 66X27.8/20.8X2.8 ST7036I Parallel  
1601 TSG1601B-F-A 79.8X20/14X2.8 ST7036I Parallel  
1602 TSG1602A-F-A 39.6X22.5/15.8X2.0 ST7032I Serial  
TSG1602B-F-A 65X27.5/20.2X2.8 ST7032I I2C  
TSG1602C-F-C 79X41.35/35.35X2.8 ST7032I Parallel   
TSG1602D-F-D 76.8X46.8/40X2.8 SPLC792A Parallel   
TSG1602E-F-D 57.8X39/33X2.8 ST7032I Parallel   
TSG1602F-F-A 66X27.8/20.8X2.85 ST7036I Parallel   
Graphic Type 6464 TSG6464A-F-C-1(TF) 30x36/32x2.0 ST7567 Serial Can be tooled FPC to support P/S
TSG6464A-F-C-1(RF) 30x36/32x2.0 ST7567 Serial Can be tooled FPC to support P/S
9616 TSG9616A-F-D(0.69") 8X26.3/22.7X1.4 ST7567 Parallel/Serial  
9864 TSG9864A-F-C 37X32.9/27X2.8 ST7567 Serial  
12832 TSG12832A-F-C 51.8X26.8/20.8X2.0 ST7565R Parallel/Serial  
TSG12832E-F-A 63X27.5/21.5X2.8 ST7567 Serial  
TSG12832E1-F-A 63X27.5/21.5X2.8 ST7567 Serial  
TSG12832F-F 32.9X15/10.3X0.55 ST7565R Serial DFSTN
13232 TSG13232A-F-D 73X21.7/17.2X2.0 ST7565P Serial  
13240 TSG13240A-F 56X23/18.6X2.0 ST7567 Serial Can be tooled FPC to support P/S
11264 TSG11264A-F 35.6X27.8/23.6X3.3 ST7567 Serial  
12864 TSG12864COG-F-A 76*45.5/39.5*2.8 NT7538 Parallel/Serial  
TSG12864I-18J 71.3*52.2*6.1 NT7565R Parallel  
TSG12864B-F-A 76*48/42.5*2.8 ST7565R Parallel/Serial  
TSG12864C-F-B 56*33/28*2.8 ST7567 Serial  
TSG12864C-F-B-1 56*33/28*2.8 ST7567 Serial  
TSG12864D-F 47.6X36.8/31.8X2.0 ST7565R Parallel/Serial  
TSG12864E-F 31X22.5/18.35X1.7 ST7567 Serial  
TSG12864F-F 42.75X42.7/38.2X2.0 ST7567 Serial  
TSG12864H-F 57.6X42/35X2.0 ST7565P Parallel   
TSG12864H1-0-C 57.6X42/35X2.0 ST7565P Parallel   
TSG12864K-F 54.6X42.2/34.2X2.0 ST7565P Parallel/Serial  
TSG12864L-F 77.5X51/44X2.8 ST7567 Parallel/Serial  
TSG12864L2-F 77.5X51/44X2.8 ST7565R Parallel/Serial  
TSG12864M-F 47X32/26X2.0 ST7565R Parallel/Serial  
TSG12864N-F-C 55X32.5/28X2.0 UC1701X Serial  
TSG12864P-F-B 57.2x44.5/38x2.0 ST7567 Serial  
TSG12864Q-F-B 69X45/40X2.8 ST7565R Parallel   
TSG12864T-F-B 28.5X20/16X1.7 UC1705X Parallel   
TSG12864T1-F-B 28.5X20/16X1.7 ST7567 Parallel   
TSG12864S-F-D(0.96") 25.7X18.2/14.4X1.2 ST7567 Parallel   
TSG12864U-F-C 76.1X50.6/44.1X2.0 ST7565v-g Parallel   
TSG12864W-F-C 69X50/42.4X2.8 ST7565R Parallel   
TSG12864X-F-C 58X39/34X2.8 ST7565R Parallel   
TSG12864Y-F-B 77.4X49.5/43X2.8 RA8816 Parallel   
TSG1286428-0-C 53X44X2.0 ST7565R Parallel   
128128 TSG1286128A-F-C 46.5X55.2/48.5X1.7 ST7541 Parallel   
13264 TSG13264A-F 75X45.5X2.8 ST7567 Serial  
14464 TSG14464A-F-C 76X48.8/42.8X2.0 ST7525 Parallel/Serial  
16080 TSG16080A-F-C 58.2X41.4/35.4X2.0 UC1610 Parallel   
19264 TSG19264A-F 107.5X47.1/41.3X2.8 ST7525 Parallel/Serial  
240128 TSG240128A-F-A 130*71.47/64.47*2.8 UC1608 Parallel/Serial  
TSG240128A-F-C 130*71.47/64.47*2.8 UC1608 Parallel/Serial  
240160 TSG240160A-F-C 81.6X58.8/51.8X2.8 ST7586S Parallel/Serial  
TSG240160B-F-C 74.6X51/69.6X56X2.0 UCI7701+7702 Parallel/Serial Can add RA8835/RA8806/RA8803

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