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TSD hold the funny sport games in Autumn season

TSD hold the funny sport games during the holiday .all brothers and sisters enjoy the family time.  TSD slogan :happy work,healthy life. Wish all family member full with happy and healthy life!

▶TSD Released 2.4inch IPS TFT LCD

TSD Released 2.4inch IPS TFT LCD with very widely viewing angle and stable performance .cost-effective TFT with IPS glass . Features: 1.Four side viewing angle >80degree . 2.cost effective small size TFT with IPS glass. 3.perfect for indoor used with 300cd/m2 backlight design . 4.widely applicati...

▶TSD 2017 (Autumn) Managerment Team Tranning

TSD 2017 (Autumn) Managerment Team Tranning There's only one corner of the universe you can be sure of improving,and that's your own self.

▶The opening ceremony of TSD 's new factory on Aug 13st

The opening ceremony of TSD 's new factory on Aug 13st TSD wish all of you will achieve more brilliant and success in the future!

▶TSD finished new factory decoration and moving in one month.

TSD always keep a working style: Rapid response,Immediate action . we finished design,decoration,moving in nearly 30days . Thanks to all TSD members , Your works will be rewarded one day!

▶TSD factory will move to Dongguan Fengguan

TSD factory will move to Dongguan Fengguan,new address as below : 东莞市凤岗镇利好科技园一栋二楼 523681 2F,Bld.1,Lihao International Technology Park,Zhutang,Fenggang,Dongguan,China.523681

▶2016 TSD Company Anual Travel

TSD organised whole company member for the 2016 year end anual travel to 2 different places.

▶TSD 2017CNY holidays delivery notification/春节前后订单安排通知

TSD 2017年春节节前后订单安排通知 致尊敬的TSD客户, 由于2017年春节将至。针对春节前后订单交货事宜,我司现通知各位客户:若需在我司放假日(2017年1月22日)前交货的,为确保交期,敬请各位于本月20日(2016年12月20日)之前确认并下采购单于我司。若12月20日之后确认的订单,将于此节假后交货,具体交货时间待各业务确定好通知各客户。节后2月内,3月初需要交货的项目,请于2017年1月15日前确定订单给我司。 以上信息烦请知悉,谢谢。 TSD感谢一路有您的支持和信任。 2017,我们将一如既往兢兢业业,与您携手共创辉煌。 To All TSD Customers: Due t...

▶Upgrade TFT 4.3 ,5.0,7inch with OCA Bonding

Particular LCD with Capacitive touch panel Advantage point: high transmittance high brightness Anti-reflective Anti-fingerprint Anti-glare Anti-explotion waterproof

▶TSD Spring Team development training

May 16th 2015, TSD (GL Plant ) hold a Spring Team development training. We played many different team games, cook, adventure , climbing the barrier , jamp from a 9meter height pole. etc. From this interesting activity, People learn how to be a strong persona and responsible member. As a little body ...

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