• TSD hold the funny sport games in Autumn season [2018-10-01]

    TSD hold the funny sport games during the holiday .all brothers and sisters enjoy the family time.  TSD slogan :happy work,healthy life. Wish all family member full with happy and healthy life!

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  • ▶TSD Released 2.4inch IPS TFT LCD [Aug 10,2018]

    TSD Released 2.4inch IPS TFT LCD with very widely viewing angle and stable performance .cost-effective TFT with IPS glass . Features: 1.Four side viewing angle >80degree . 2.cost effective small size TFT with IPS glass. 3.perfect for indoor used with 300cd/m2 backlight design . 4.widely application like hand-hold terminal,scan terminal .medical hand-hold machine. Specification LCD type a-Si TFT,Transmissive,Normally white,IPS LCD Size 2.4 inch Resolution(WxH) 240xRGBx320 LCM(WxHxD) 43.12(w)x58.9(H)x2.15(D) Active Area(WxH...

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  • ▶Compare LCD / OLED /QLED :OLED Is Easy Faults and QLED Is Easy Dead [2018-02-01]

    It is said that 2017 is the first year of official display of OLEDs and quantum dot displays. The representatives of OLEDs and quantum dots are LG and Samsung. However, Samsung also produces OLED panels, and is also the world's largest supplier of small-screen OLED panels. LG is mainly producing large-screen OLED display panels, targeting the display and television fields. Recently, LG Display’s fourth-quarter profit plummeted 95%. OLED is also a pile of defects. It is common to burn screen Tucao, and quantum dot display technology is currently half dead...

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  • ▶Display Industry Helps the Rise of National Brands [Apr 24,2018]

    With the development of the current Internet of things, cloud computing, and big data, everything has become a trend. Against this background, on the one hand, it shows that in the traditional and mature fields, more extensive and in-depth applications have been achieved, and on the other hand, many new application areas have also been added. Tianma Microelectronics is a leader in small and medium-sized display technologies, covering mobile phones, mobile smart terminals, automotive, medical, industrial, and smart homes. At the 2018 China Display Industr...

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  • ▶Flexible OLED applications are limited, Screen fingerprints have to rely on LCD [2018-04-09]

    In the case where the hardware performance of smartphones has reached a bottleneck, the biggest consumer of mobile phones and mobile phone-producing countries, China, cannot temporarily overcome cost disadvantages in chips and memory, and China’s smartphone market is rapidly changing from an incremental market. To the stock market, how to differentiate and compete on other smart phone components has become the number one problem for Chinese smart phone manufacturers. In order to intuitively export product differentiation features to consumers, most compa...

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  • ▶TSD 2017 (Autumn) Managerment Team Tranning [2017-11-01]

    TSD 2017 (Autumn) Managerment Team Tranning There's only one corner of the universe you can be sure of improving,and that's your own self.

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  • ▶The opening ceremony of TSD 's new factory on Aug 13st [2017-08-13]

    The opening ceremony of TSD 's new factory on Aug 13st TSD wish all of you will achieve more brilliant and success in the future!

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  • ▶TSD finished new factory decoration and moving in one month. [2017-08-15]

    TSD always keep a working style: Rapid response,Immediate action . we finished design,decoration,moving in nearly 30days . Thanks to all TSD members , Your works will be rewarded one day!

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  • ▶TSD factory will move to Dongguan Fengguan [Aug 25,2017]

    TSD factory will move to Dongguan Fengguan,new address as below : 东莞市凤岗镇利好科技园一栋二楼 523681 2F,Bld.1,Lihao International Technology Park,Zhutang,Fenggang,Dongguan,China.523681

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  • ▶HKTDC Electronic Aisa coming soon!(Oct.13th-16th,2017) [2017-07-02]

    HK Electronic Fair (Autumn )+ Electronic Asia Hong kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. 13-16 October 2017 TSD booth: 5F-E28

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