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▶How do I know what kind of TFT display I need?

Before choose your identify TFT ,Please view below TSD TFT list . 1.44inch (128*128), 1.77inch (128*160), 2.0inch (176*220/240*320), 2.2inch (176*220/240*320), 2.36inch (480*234), 2.4inch (240*320), 2.8inch (240*320), 3.2inch (240*320), 3.5inch (240*320/320*480), 4.3inch (480*272/800*480), 5.0inch (...

▶LCD Polarizer type ?

LCD Reflective type - outer light can not be seen without outer light ,power comsuption low but can not work in dark area . LCD Transflective type - outer light & BL the background is  bright , power consuption is midium,useage range wider LCD Transmissive type - Backlight , background &nbs...

▶LCD display type ?

Positive type - means white or grey background with black characters, if LCD with backlight , background color will follow the backlight color . always have white , blue ,yellow green,red,grey etc. Negative type - means black background with white characters, if LCD with backlight , color of the cha...

▶What kind of LCD type we have ?

TSD can provide LCD module with TN, HTN,STN,FSTN, DFSTN,VA,CSTN or TFT LCD. TN-LCD is using for Meters,calculator,handset gamer,Home appliance,digital products,telecom and office equioments STN-LCD is using for PDA,gamer,electronical dictionary,fax machine,telephone,vedio camera,Pos terminal,me...

▶Liquid Crystal Display mode ?

Segement LCD module Character display Graphic display

▶What is the different of TN,HTN and STN ?

TN HTN STN easy type LCD,narrow viewing 90° Viewing bigger than TN 100-110° Veiwing is much better 180-270° cheaper in cost raw materials faster more dislay mode raw materials faster produce not difficult more application targets B/W perform good contrast is bad can make it higher coms veiwing is na...

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