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2.4 inch transflective TFT lcd display module with ST7789V
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LCD type TFT,Transflective,Normally white,TN
LCD Size 2.4 inch
Resolution(WxH) 240xRGBx320
LCM(WxHxD) 42.72(w)x60.26(H)x3.5(D)
Active Area(WxH) 36.72(w)x48.96(H)
Dot Pitch(WxH) 0.051(W)x0.153(H)
Viewing Direction 12 o'clock
Resolution QVGA 240*RGB*320
Viewing Direction 12o'clock
Gray Scale Inversion Direction 6 o'clock
Viewing Angle Top:55 Bottom:35;Left/Right:55
Color Depth 65K/262K
Pixel arrangement RGB Vertical Stripe
Backlight Type 4LEDs
Surface Luminance 100 cd/m2
Surface Treatment Anti-Glare
Driver IC ST7789V
Interface Type SPI3/SPI4/MCU8/16/18BIT
Input Voltage 2.8V
With/Withour TP without
Weight 16.4g

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