Happy Chinese New Year 2024!
Feb 02 , 2024

Chinese New Year is coming soon!


In 2024, this is the Year of the Dragon, which holds significant cultural and symbolic importance in Chinese culture. In the Chinese zodiac system, which is based on a 12-year cycle, the Dragon is one of the 12 animal signs. Each animal sign is believed to have distinct characteristics and influences on the people born in that year.


In Chinese culture, the Dragon is considered a powerful and auspicious creature associated with good fortune, strength, and wisdom. It is often regarded as a symbol of imperial power and has a prominent place in Chinese mythology and folklore. Dragons are believed to bring blessings and prosperity, and their presence is considered highly favorable.


So the Year of the Dragon in China is a time of celebration, optimism, and high expectations for individuals and society as a whole. It represents the powerful and benevolent qualities associated with the dragon and is considered a favorable year for new beginnings and achievements.


TSD will have the holiday from Feb.3 to Feb.18, but as a 20 years experience LCD display manufacturer and solution provider, if there is any needs of TFT LCD, lcd modules, touch screen, customized HMI solutions, our sales people are still very happy to support you and offer you the reliable solutions any time.


Here were sending our warmest wishes for a prosperous and auspicious Year of the Dragon. May the Year of the Dragon bring you abundant blessings, prosperity, and success! Happy New Year! 


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