• Seamless Effect LCD touch display- Color OCA bonding solution
    Seamless Effect--Color OCA Solution TSD color OCA features: 1. Reduce glare, Reduce the weakening of LCD backlight 2. Increase the brightness and provide high transmittance, reduce energy consumption. 3. Increase contrast, especially under strong light irradiation contrast. 4. Avoid Newton Loop 5. No boundaries, expand the visual area. TSD Full and even back color OCA bonding VS original OCA ...
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  • What is OCA (optical clear adhesive)?
    What is OCA optical Adhesive? OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) is a special adhesive used to bond transparent optical components (such as lenses, etc.). It is required to be colorless and transparent, light transmittance above 90%, good bonding strength, can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and has the characteristics of small curing shrinkage. In short, OCA is an optically t...
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  • On-Cell, In-Cell and OGS
    Definitions of On-Cell, In-Cell and OGS:   On-cell: Indicates that the touch layer will be above the liquid crystal refers to the method of embedding touch screen between color filter and polarizer of display screen. It means touch sensor is equipped on LCD panel, which is much less difficult than in Cell technology   In-Cell: It refers to the method of embedding the touch panel function...
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  • What is Capacitive Touch Panel?
    What is Capacitive touch? Touch-sensitive buttons are popular in everyday human-machine interface applications because of its ease of use, aesthetics, and non-mechanical motion. In particular, Capacitive touch sensing technology can be implemented with copper pads in standard PCB designs, so it’s much popular comparing to other Technology. Principle of Capacitive touch When any object wi...
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  • ▶The different between LED, VFD, LCD and OLED
    The different between LED, VFD, LCD and OLED LED - Light Emitting Display is just LED VFD - Vacuum Fluorescent Display vacuum fluorescent display, display image is a fixed LCD - Liquid Crystal Display, is the general LCD screen, Most mobile phone screens are OLED - Organic Light Emitting Disp The difference between LED, VFD, LCD and OLED display LED - Light Emitting Display is just LED VFD - Vacuu...
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  • ▶ What is AR Coating ? AR film ?ofilm ?
    Many customer conbine AR Coating, AR film and ofilm ?TSD here make a easy explanaton.hope you would understand . ---AR Coating 1.What is AR Coating(Anti-reflective coating)? Using the optical interference principle to coat one or more layers of the nano level inhibitory reflex medicinal material on substrate surface, to reduce the reflectivity and incre...
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  • ▶How do I know what kind of TFT display I need?
    Before choose your identify TFT ,Please view below TSD TFT list . 1.44inch (128*128), 1.77inch (128*160), 2.0inch (176*220/240*320), 2.2inch (176*220/240*320), 2.36inch (480*234), 2.4inch (240*320), 2.8inch (240*320), 3.2inch (240*320), 3.5inch (240*320/320*480), 4.3inch (480*272/800*480), 5.0inch (480*272/800*480), 5.7inch (320*240), 7.0inch (800*480/1024*600), 8.0inch (800*480/1024*600), 10.1inc...
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  • ▶What is optical Bonding technology of LCD
    Optical bonding refers to a protective glass that is glued in front of a display to enhance its readability where installed in high humidity outdoor environments. When a normal display is used in an outdoor environment, there are some factors that affect its readability. The most common one is “fog”, or condensation, which forms on the inner surface of display's vandal shield. Another factor is th...
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