Seamless Effect LCD touch display- Color OCA bonding solution
Jun 17 , 2021

Seamless Effect--Color OCA Solution

TSD color OCA features:

1. Reduce glare, Reduce the weakening of LCD backlight

2. Increase the brightness and provide high transmittance, reduce energy consumption.

3. Increase contrast, especially under strong light irradiation contrast.

4. Avoid Newton Loop

5. No boundaries, expand the visual area.

TSD Full and even back color OCA bonding VS original OCA bonding.

TSD color OCA Advantages:

Efficiency: Various choices on thickness/transmittance, flexible for customization tomeet

requirements, maximize the best possible seamless effects efficiently.

Convenience : Do not need to change production process, using Color OCA directly to

replace Transparent OCA.

Uniformity : Color dyed in the OCA during its original state, uniformity can be assured.

Cost : Best C/P selection to realize Seamless effectiveness

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