Worst demand of Automotive chips as well as LCD module IC chips
Oct 18 , 2021

Bosch China: Automotive chips can only meet half of it!

Bosch China: At present, it can meet up to half of the semiconductor needs of car companies

Bosch China is currently an important reason for the shortage of automotive semiconductors in the Chinese market.
At a communication meeting on October 13, Chen Yudong, President of Bosch China, said that at present, Bosch China can only meet half of the semiconductor needs of car companies. In the worst July, Bosch China could only meet 20% of the market demand.Chen Yudong said that the car companies that did not complete the production task last month, "mostly caused by us." As a pivotal Tier 1 supplier, Bosch China purchases semiconductor products from ST Microelectronics, Infineon and other companies, and ships them to vehicle companies after integration. "I'm very sorry," Chen Yudong said at the same time that Bosch China was also dragged down by suppliers.In the past few months, the epidemic has been raging in some Southeast Asian countries. Malaysia’s semiconductor industry has been severely impacted, and STMicroelectronics, Infineon, etc. have not been spared, severely weakening the supply capacity to Bosch.Chen Yudong predicts that Bosch China's supply rate in the fourth quarter of this year will be very low, and will return to the situation in the first half of this year next year, that is, "10% to 20% out of stock is normal and it is impossible to meet all market demands."

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